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Kaycee Bunny Adele

21 of 50. Made in the Uk. The cutest bunny ever.Size: 16" (40.5cm)

Limited edition of 50

Adele bunny rabbit has a fabulous, long-pile coat of oatmeal plush fur, with just a hint of dark tipping and a fluffy white tail. Her great big feet have cashmere pads, with sculpted toes, and her long lop ears are lined with the same luxurious fabric. Her trimmed face has been carefully sculpted, with a little airbrushing too, to show off her neat nose and big twinkly eyes. She's fully jointed and wears a red bell on a matching cord, and a ribbon with white polka dots.

Kaycee Bears are designed by Kelsey Cunningham and hand-made in England. Each bear is fully jointed, with a pretty crystal to be found on their paw pad or ear, and a hand-written swing tag.