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Marvin Lion by Kaycee Bears

Limited Edition of 50. No. 10 of 50 only.


Fully Jointed

Kaycee Bears MARVIN Lion from the new Kaycee Bears collection. He is lovingly made from a rich shaggy, copper brown & gold and white plush fur and is fully jointed with dark brown coloured cashmere paw pads. MARVIN Lion is definatley King of the Pride large whit his shiny eyes and cute, black needle-felted nose on his closely cropped muzzle and oh so long big bushy golden tipped tail...

As a final touch, to each Kaycee cutie a crystal is set into the foot pad of each little one that is created.

Kaycee Bears are exclusively designed by Kelsey Cunningham and hand crafted in the heartland of England.

Kaycee Bears MARVIN Lion is from the Kaycee Bears 2015 AUTUMN WINTER Limited Edition Plush COLLECTION.